Isaac Bonsu (IB) for Ashanti Regional Youth Organizer, number 5 on the ballot paper

Isaac Bonsu - NPP regional elections

NPP REGIONAL ELECTIONS: Isaac Bonsu (IB) for Ashanti Regional Youth Organizer, number 5 on the ballot paper . The New Patriotic Party, NPP is preparing for their next Regional Elections as part of the major preparations for the 2024 general elections.

Vetting of aspirants for the regional executive portfolios of the ruling New Patriotic Party has begun in the Ashanti region.

About thirty-nine individuals  aspiring for the 10 different positions, including chairmanship, took turns before the vetting committee on the first day.

Delegates for the New Patriotic Party are expected to hit the polls to elect new regional executives for the party.


Date for NPP Regional election 2020

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has scheduled May 27 to May 29, 2022, for the conduct of its regional annual delegates conference for the election of regional executive officers

Ashanti Regional Youth Organizer positions

The Ashanti Regional youth organizer position is keenly contested by 8 aspirants.

However, the youth of Ashanti have declared an unflinching support for ISAAC BONSU, number 5 on the ballot paper.

These youth have the believes and hope that, the selfless nature of Isaac Bonsu makes him the perfect candidate for the youth organizer portfolio.

They are therefore raging support for his victory. The said youths are pleading with all delegates to vote for Isaac Bonsu, IB number 5 on the ballot paper to mobilize Ashanti youth for victory 2024 as the party is preaching the BREAK The 8 MANTRA.

The Youth expressed that, they need a leader who is Humble, Kind and Very accessible to the youth at all times.

Qualities of Isaac Bonsu



Saint Augustin once said “It was pride that turned Angels into devils, it is humility that makes men as Angels”

When we talk of *Humility* ,we are talking of *Issac Bonsu* *(iB)* and when we talk of *iB,* we are talking about Humility.

He has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is an epitome and an embodiment of humility.

Despite the height he has reached in all spheres of life,IB has never been known and seen as proud.

This is the calibre of person Ashanti Region needs to command the Youth front in our quest to break the 8 in the next general elections.

*A leader that prioritizes the needs of people above himself, who will put the general wellbeing of the youth at the grassroots at the forefront, then, there is no other person than IB*

# *iBb3ba*
# *TeamiB*


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