What are the best majors to study in technology?


If you’re looking to start your career in technology, you have plenty of options from which to choose. The tech field of study offers students many different specialties they can choose from, such as computer science and software engineering, or digital media and information systems management, to name just a few. Some major choices may seem obvious because of their ubiquity in the tech industry, while others are more obscure but may serve you better in the long run. Use this guide to find out what are the best majors to study in technology, so you can find your perfect fit!


A computer science degree

Why Study Computer Science? - Marbella International University Centre

The most popular major for technology careers is computer science. Computer science degrees teach you everything from logic and problem solving, to coding, data management, and software design.

Computer engineering

Computer engineers build and develop hardware and software for computers, which is an important part of technology that is growing as a career choice. Computer engineers can choose what they want to specialize in by picking up different skill sets throughout their career.


Software development

A software developer writes, tests and maintains programs for computers and computer networks.


Information systems

Many businesses rely on information systems to automate their day-to-day operations. An information systems major provides a broad overview of IT, with an eye toward how these technologies can be used effectively within a company’s internal operations. This type of degree typically requires around 60 credit hours, and will include topics like project management, business law and ethics, telecommunications and networking protocols, programming languages and software testing. An average salary for graduates who received their degree in information systems was $75K per year (in 2014).


Cyber security

cyber  security

If you’re interested in protecting computer networks from hackers, you can major in cyber security. This will teach you how computer networks work, how hackers attack them and how to defend against those attacks.


Network administration


If you’re interested in being a computer administrator or managing servers, network administration is a good choice. Being able to keep track of different systems and troubleshoot any issues they have will be very valuable.

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